ÌNIN Projects & EDU Programs. ÌNIN, the unexplored  human INtuitive INtelligence & INsight as Syntony The ÌNIN EDU Project:  integrates the scholastic and academic education   with a multilevel intuitive attitude to create answers coherent with the emerging needs, questions, unpredictables → towards a new imagining, designing, evolving The main aim of the ÌNIN EDU Project  is to promote the collective capability  to generate shared values within the culture of complexity through the development of the  unexplored INtuitive INtelligence, INsight & Learning. The ÌNIN Cultural r-Evolution integrates our logic thinking with an unexplored anà-logic (beyond logic) Intuiting: a limitless source of a coherent evolutive-creative energy, for daily actions which do not request energy but which give us energy The ÌNIN EDU Programs develop intuitive analogical qualites & abilities which engender generative interrelations, excellent creative resources & competences, coherent evolutive inputs; knowledge as co-participation and syntony The ÌNIN Programs promote an advanced intuitive communicating & comprehending  for new professionals: visionary, responsible for a new ethical interrelating co-operating co-habiting the Earth. The ÌNIN Projects have already involved over 3.610.000 persons from 64 Countries ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - a New Narration: a Civilization of Syntony, of Symphony.