ÌNIN   INtuitive INnovation
            an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence & INsight → as Syntony
Anna Bacchia ÌNIN Projects - Network & Mission

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NETWORK: Promoted by the Anna Bacchia Consciousness Institute in Lugano, Switzerland, the ÌNIN Projects today are interconnected in a network reaching 73 Countries.
MISSION: The ÌNIN Projects and the ÌNIN EDU Programs promote a significant evolution of thinking and the collective capability to generate shared values, through the development of an unexplored INtuitive INtelligence, INtuitive INsight and INtuitive Learning. They give rise to excellent creative competences and generative interrelations, they activate solutions and answers coherent with the emerging questions, they engender actions which do not request energy, but which offer us energy.

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“ÌNIN is a leap which allows us “to experience directly this connection, this Holos, this deeper reality in which we are all inserted.” “...a crucial evolutionary step, a vast and fascinating prospect.”
Ervin Laszlo

“The ÌNIN path is a new access to Cognitive processes…”       “... a unique transdisciplinary exploration ... – a vision consistent with the systemic conception of life ...”
Fritjof Capra
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ÌNIN EDU Manifesto
INtuitive INtelligence and Life’s Intelligence as Coherence, Syntony, Symphony

ÌNIN EDU Workshops & Events


Consciousness Life & Networks     www.ConsciousnessLife.net
An intercultural educational Project - Meetings, Explorations, Workshops

Consciousness Theatre of Being
Where Consciousness is the Theatre of Being

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many native languages, one single unique human language

Essays, Books, Publications

IHE Architecture

The Holographic Computer: a Work of Art

Partners of the ÌNIN Projects

The ÌNIN Projects are promoted and developed in partnership with relevant international cultural organizations, such as:
World Peace Forum Schengen Peace Foundation Leonardo - ISAST Goi Peace Foundation Club of Budapest The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research Ars Aevi Interkultur Choral Competitions International Foundation for Choral Music

Scientific Artistic Committee

The ÌNIN Projects are supported by a Scientific-Artistic Committee composed of world renowned Scientists and Artists, among which:
Ervin Laszlo, Fritjof Capra, Hiroo Saionji, Masami Saionji, Gerald Pollack, Dominicus Rohde, Leon Lederman, Mo-Re-No, Mario Brunello, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Franco Ambrosetti, Enrica Bacchia, Marco Bersanelli, Rachelle Ferrell, Davide Fiscaletti, Stephen Kovacevic, Alberto Longhi, The Yellow Character of Slava's Snow Show

Scientific Artistic Committee of the ÌNIN Projects

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